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bradleykatie's Journal

aka "Rabbitlook", a community for Bradley & Katie.
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bradleykatie: Welcome!
a l l . a b o u t . u s.

Welcome to bradleykatie aka rabbitlook! A fan community dedicated to the two-some who play Arthur Pendragon and Morgana le Fay on the hit british programme Merlin. Join the community and meet others who also appreicate their work.

This community is for those who love them separately and more-so when they are together. We're all here to show appreciation for their friendship, and also for those who might ship them together. (because they totally have the chemistry to back it up) Everything from friendship-shipping to RPF loving is welcome here! We post the latest news and photos and everything else in between. Feel free to join in, almost anything Katie and Bradley related is allowed here!

Mods & Affiliates.
c o n n e c t . w i t h . u s.

Your mods are luststories, rivendells, thistwilight and clotpoles! If you have any concerns/questions, please send a message to one of us and we will help you as soon as possible! :)

If you would like to affiliate with us, just go ahead and leave a comment here, and one of us should get back to you soon enough!

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Mist Of Camelot. - Arthur and Morgana. - Katie McGrath France.

Credits and Links.
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Fansite Spotlight!
m o s t . u p d a t e d . s o u r c e s:

Arthur and Morgana Dot-Org.
Arthur and Morgana Facebook group.
Arthur and Morgana Twitter resource.

Arthur/Morgana/Katie/Bradley Tumblr.
Arthur/Morgana fanlisting.
Katie McGrath Source.
Bradley James Dot-Com.
Bradley James Fan.

Community Rules.
s h o w . s o m e . c o u r t e s y.

· THERE WILL BE NO BASHING OF KATIE AND BRADLEY ALLOWED. This is strictly a fan community. The keyword here being fan, we all are here because we love and support the actors. There are various “wank” communities that tolerate such behavior, but this community is not one of them. Any crude, tasteless comments about either of the actors will be deleted, and the poster will get a warning. If it happens continuously the poster will be banned. Come in and play nice, it's not so hard.

· NOTHING OFF TOPIC. If it has nothing to do with Bradley, Katie or the characters they portray, refrain from posting such, please. This is an Katie/Bradley based community, anything in relations to their co-stars should be posted in the proper communities.

· BE RESPECTFUL. This goes for all posters/comment-ers, be respectful towards one another. Not everyone here needs to ship Bradley and Katie together (or even Arthur/Morgana). Like I said above, this is a community to show appreciation for their friendship, if anything. Of course some people ship them together (including some mods here), and that's is allowed here. Do not bash someone for their ship, it is unacceptable. I realize not everyone has the same views, but as long as we keep the community as active as we can, try not to butt heads with one another. If there is a on-going issue, resolve it in private. Play nice, please.

· ALL SPOILERS MUST GO BEHIND CUTS. Obviously with Merlin airing now, there are bound to be spoilers that are posted by various sources. And naturally, you'll want to post the content, which is totally fine. If you plan on posting something with content that is considered spoiler-y, PLEASE put it behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how do to so, instructions are given HERE. Follow directions and you shouldn't have troubles! :) Just please, be mindful of other people who may not be able to watch Merlin on the day it airs.

· MERLIN RELATED POSTS ARE WELCOME. To an extent. Please remember that there is a specific community dedicated to Arthur/Morgana. But we DO allow Merlin posts and posts concerning Arthur/Morgana. Just remember that this is a Katie and Bradley community, not an Arthur and Morgana one. :)

· TAGGING POSTS. We require tagging of posts. It helps keeps the community organized, and our members prefer it. If you happen to make a post, please follow the rules and tag it. The tags should highlight automatically once you type in the correct starting letter. The complete list of our tags are located HERE! Use the correct tags as seen in the list there. If you are unsure of which tags to use, contact a mod and we will help you. If you do not tag, one of us will remind you to tag the entry.

· YES, WE ALLOW FANART POSTS. Hell, WE ENCOURAGE THIS! There are many talented graphic makers, fan fiction writers and many others that post their work quite often. All of which is allowed! Keep the preview icons to a minimal, please. The limit it six before a cut/link. The format for fanfiction (oh, which is very limited. WRITE MORE KATIE/BRADLEY, PEOPLE!) should always have a rating on it. That's all we ask.

· PICTURE SIZES. If you are posting photos, make sure the photo posted is a decent size. There is no required photo size, just make it one that doesn’t stretch over the layout. If you are planning on posting more than one photo, a preivew photo should go before the cut, and the rest of the pictures should be within the cut!

· HAVE FUN! We’re all here because we adore Bradley James and Katie McGrath, let’s all have fun and participate in commenting posts, yeah!?

· A very, VERY special thanks to Becky (deductives) for getting the community a paid account! Honestly, we all very much appreciate your kindness, Becky. ♥ It was such a sweet gesture and the community and it's members appreciate your generosity. ♥!!

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