Miss Firecracker (x_spikeaholic_x) wrote in bradleykatie,
Miss Firecracker

bradley/katie one-shot; i could've sworn i was yours

Title: i could've sworn i was yours
Characters/Pairings: Bradley James/Katie McGrath; cameos by other actors
Word Count: 5,101
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this stuff, Bradley and Katie own themselves.
Summary: she hasn't seen him in four months, and she misses him. but really, she should've known better.
Author's Notes: So I opened a text post and started typing and this just happened. Also, I almost called them both "Arthur" and "Morgana" about 100 times, so if they're OOC that might be why. Oh! You should listen to "Boys With Girlfriends" by Meiko, it's partly responsible for this fic idea.

i could've sworn i was yours
Tags: fanfiction, fanfiction: rpf, otp: bradley/katie, rated: r
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